Our furnishings are mainly yellow. 50 beach cabins and 120 sunshades with numbered seats provide an appropriate comfort. Not far away from the beach there is our swimming platform. Those who do not like swimming in the sea can take a refreshing hot or cold shower.

We put at your disposal deckchairs, sunbeds and 50 cabins that go down to the sides from the back, almost closing off the entire space dedicated to customers, making it a private corner dedicated only to you. At your choice, you can lie down on the sunbeds, pampered by the light sound of the sea, stay under an umbrella or stay directly on the beach by the sea.

With a small swim you can reach and lie down on the large floating platform (3.50 x 3.50 m.), located 60 meters from the shore. If you don't like swimming, you can seek refreshment in the showers located both by the sea and at the end of the beach. For those who suffer from the cold, there are also showers with hot water!